L.Co tung oil plant based wood finishing products.

Clear and bright.

L.Co Interior Oil Gloss brings unmatched definition and clarity to any wood surface. The best part is, you can mix Interior Oil Gloss with Interior Oil to create virtually any custom sheen level that your project requires.

We have created an imagined laboratory where you customize your own one-of-a-kind personal sheen. Going from super matte to semi-gloss to gloss has never been easier.

Interior Oil Gloss

How to use:
Shake well before use. Sand using up to #400 grit sandpaper. Apply with a short nap roller, white applicator pad, or cotton cloth in thin and light coats. Lightly sand between coats using #400 – #800 grit sandpaper. Minimum 2 coats for best results.

Drying time:
6-8 hours between each coat; overnight before light use.

Made with pure tung oil, refined linseed oil, isoparaffin, modified wax, soy oil modified alkyd resin and safe drying agents.